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(1) In general, a basic program in library media shall:

(a) meet the following conditions:

(i) establish scheduling to ensure that libraries respond to information needs, foster intellectual curiosity, and support learning;

(ii) ensure collaboration with classroom teachers of all disciplines to implement content area standards and to assist students in engaging in the inquiry/research process;

(iii) model and support the ethical use of information, adherence to copyright laws, and respect for intellectual property; and

(iv) advise the board of trustees on policy and rule pertaining to:

(A) develop and maintain a physical and digital library collection that is current, balanced, and reflects authentic historical and cultural contributions of Montana's American Indians and other minority and ethnic groups;

(B) engage in comprehensive long range planning to administer and manage, in a secure area, the human, financial, digital, and physical resources of the library to locate, access, and use resources that are organized and cataloged; and

(C) implement a viable collection development policy which includes the following components:

(I) materials selection and de-selection;

(II) challenged materials procedure;

(III) intellectual/academic freedom statement;

(IV) confidentiality assurance;

(V) copyright guidelines; and

(VI) gifts and donations.

(b) include the following practices:

(i) collaborate with classroom teachers of all disciplines to highlight and reinforce the commonalities and links between and among the curricular areas;

(ii) cooperate and join with other libraries, information agencies, and community resources in the sharing of materials;

(iii) encourage partnerships with information centers that use providers of electronic content and information systems; and

(iv) participate in school-wide technology and telecommunications digital service and content planning and promote its integration into all instructional programs.


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