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(1) Teachers shall be assigned at the levels and in the subjects for which they are licensed and endorsed, unless they are enrolled in an internship as defined in ARM 10.55.602 and meet the requirements of ARM 10.57.114. 

(2) Teachers assigned in grade 5 or 6 in the departmentalized classroom or middle school, who hold a 5-12 secondary license, must be endorsed in the subjects they are teaching. A 5-12 license will not cover a grade 5 or 6 assignment in a self-contained K-8 classroom.

(3) Clarifications of teaching assignments in grades 5 through 12 departmentalized settings are published in the Licensure Endorsement Requirements Related to Teaching Assignments, which must be made publicly available by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

(4) Licensure at the elementary level entitles the holder to teach in grades K through 8.

(5) No teacher shall have more than 28 hours of assigned student responsibility per week except for one-, two-, and three-teacher schools.


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