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10.55.724    EVALUATION

(1)  The local board of trustees shall ensure the completion of periodic written evaluations of all regularly employed instructional personnel who are under written contract. Employees evaluated shall have access to a copy of the evaluation instrument, the opportunity to respond in writing to the completed evaluation, and access to the employee's files.  

(2) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall develop and publish model evaluation instruments that comply with this rule in collaboration with the Montana Federation of Public Employees, the Montana Rural Education Association, the Montana School Boards Association, the School Administrators of Montana, and the Montana Small School Alliance. A school district adopting and using one of the model instruments shall be construed to have complied with this rule, though use of one of the models shall not be required provided that the district's evaluation instrument and process substantially conform to the requirements set forth in this rule.

(3)  The local board of trustees shall implement an evaluation component as outlined in the integrated strategic action plan described in ARM 10.55.601.


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