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10.57.101    REVIEW OF POLICY

(1) By authority of Article X of the Montana Constitution and 20-4-102, MCA, the Board of Public Education exercises general supervision over the public school system and such other public educational institutions as may be assigned by law. By authority of 20-4-102, MCA, the Board of Public Education adopts rules for the issuance of educator licenses which are administered by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

(2) The board shall consider recommendations for revision of the rules at any time it deems necessary. Every five years the board shall conduct a comprehensive review of its licensure rules to ensure that such rules are meeting the needs of the state.

(3) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall provide an annual report to the Board of Public Education on the number of Montana educator licenses issued, licensure denials, number of emergency authorizations of employment, and other relevant, available data pertaining to recruitment and retention of educators in Montana.


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