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(1) The Board of Public Education adopts and incorporates the Standards for School Buses in Montana 2022. A copy of this document is available from the Office of Public Instruction, Pupil Transportation Division, P.O. Box 202501, Helena, Montana 59620-2501 and is available at the following web address: www.bpe.mt.gov.

(2) The Board of Public Education adopts standards for school buses in Montana in part from the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, as adopted in 2015 by the Sixteenth National Congress on School Transportation (NCST). The NCST occasionally issues an interpretation on its adopted specifications and procedures. Any interpretation adopted by the NCST shall be the official interpretation of the corresponding Montana standard unless that interpretation is specifically redefined or preempted by a corresponding Montana standard, law, or regulation. The National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures and additional information regarding the NCST are available at www.NCSTOnline.org.

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