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(1) Applicants for a game farm license shall file with the department and the Department of Livestock a written application on a form prescribed by the department. The applicant shall include the initial license fee with the application.

(2) The application must include the following minimum requirements:

(a) a written description setting forth the township, range, and section, or portion of section, and estimated acreage of the game farm;

(b) a 72 minute topographical map identifying the location of the game farm;

(c) a detailed drawing or map of the game farm showing the location of the exterior fence, all exterior gates, catch pens and quarantine facilities;

(d) a written description of specifications for all exterior fencing, including portions of quarantine and other internal facilities that serve as exterior fencing;

(e) documentation showing compliance with the application requirements for catch pens, handling devices and quarantine facilities in Department of Livestock rule ARM 32.4.801;

(f) the species and peak numbers of game farm animals that will occupy the game farm;

(g) for game farm animals other than antelope, black bear, caribou, elk, fallow deer, mountain goat, mountain lion, mountain sheep, mule deer, muskox, reindeer, and whitetail deer, the applicant shall provide information required to evaluate the potential threat the species may pose to native wildlife or livestock through nonspecific genetic dilution, habitat degradation or competition caused by feral populations of escaped game farm animals, parasites and disease; and

(h) information showing the applicant's capacity to conduct regular inspections and to detect and respond on a timely basis to occurrences of ingress and egress.

(3) If the applicant anticipates expansions, increases in animal numbers or other modifications in the future, the applicant may request at the time of initial application that the department conduct a comprehensive environmental review pursuant to ARM 12.6.1525 on all phases of the proposed project. The applicant's request must specify the elements of each future phase, including for each phase the proposed exterior fence locations, peak numbers and species of animals that will occupy the game farm.

(4) The department may not approve an application for a game farm that is in other than a single location. A game farm may be considered as a single location if the parcels of property comprising the game farm are contiguous and under the same ownership or secured lease. Contiguous property may include parcels separated by a public or private road or a river or stream, or adjacent property under the same ownership or lease.

(5) The applicant shall complete the construction of the proposed game farm facilities within three years after the department approves the application. If the applicant fails to complete construction or obtain an extension within such period, the applicant must file a new application. If the department conducted a comprehensive environmental review on a phased development pursuant to (3), the applicant shall complete the construction for the phase or phases for which the applicant has requested and received approval within three years after the department's approval. To proceed with any additional phases, the licensee shall apply and receive approval for a license modification and shall complete any construction associated with such additional phases within three years after the department's approvals. The applicant may request extensions of the three year construction periods pursuant to ARM 12.6.1544.

History: 87-4-422, MCA; IMP, 87-4-409, 87-4-426, MCA; NEW, 1999 MAR p. 79, Eff. 1/15/99.

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