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12.6.2002    REWARDS

(1) Any person, other than employees of the department and their dependents, law enforcement officers and their dependents and persons who committed the reported offense (other than by way of solicitation, conspiracy, or attempt), who gives information through the crimestopper program leading to the arrest of a suspect in a fish or wildlife-related crime may be eligible for a reward under this section.

(2)(a) The fish and wildlife crimestoppers board shall make recommendations, which shall be acted on by the department, as to whether to give a reward, and the amount of the reward not to exceed $1,000, based on:

(i) the importance of the information;

(ii) the seriousness of the crime;

(iii) the risk to the informant; and

(iv) the value of the informant as a regular, reliable source of information.

(b) The amount of the reward may exceed $1,000 if the informant testifies in court.

(c) If more than one person supplied the information with respect to a crime, the reward may be divided as determined by the board and the department based on the relative importance of the information received from each person.

(d) The board and the department may provide rewards in cooperation with other crimestoppers programs in the event that information provided to another law enforcement agency or program leads to the arrest of a suspect in a fish or wildlife-related crime.

History: Sec. 87-5-605 MCA; IMP, Sec. 87-5-603 and 87-5-605 MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 122, Eff. 1/31/86.

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