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12.8.605    PUBLIC COMMENT

(1) The public notification requirement of 23-1-110 , MCA shall be met by:

(a) Notice describing the proposed modification and comment period shall be published twice in local newspaper, the newspaper of the state capital, and on the state's electronic bulletin board. In addition, a statewide press release shall be sent to the print and broadcast media.

(b) The public notice shall detail the nature of the development or improvements, and state whether the department intends to hold a public meeting. If the department does not intend to hold a public meeting, an opportunity for a public meeting will be granted if requested by any one within the comment period provided in the notice. If such a request is made, notice of public meeting shall be published as provided in (1) (a) .

(c) In the event a public meeting is held, it may take the form of:

(i) open houses;

(ii) informal hearings;

(iii) facilitated interactions; or

(iv) department presentations.

(d) The public shall be given the opportunity to submit verbal and written comments during the public meeting and to submit written comments for 30 days following the last publication of the notice provided in (1) (a) .

(e) Mail-in comments shall be addressed to:

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Design and Construction Bureau

P.O. Box 200701

Helena, Montana 59620-0701

(f) Comments shall be summarized and included in the final report; and

(g) Concerns shall be addressed in the final report without regard to whether they result in modifications of the final project plan.

History: 23-1-110, MCA; IMP, 23-1-110, MCA; NEW, 1992 MAR p. 2382, Eff. 10/30/92.

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