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(1) Property left unattended for more than 48 hours may be impounded, except where otherwise posted. Vehicles found abandoned are subject to 61-12-401, MCA. Unattended property that interferes with visitor safety, orderly management of the park, or presents a threat to park resources may be impounded immediately.

(2) Unattended property impounded pursuant to this rule shall be deemed abandoned unless claimed by the owner or an authorized representative thereof within 60 days. The 60-day period shall begin when the rightful owner of the property has been notified, if the owner can be identified, or from the time the property was placed in the agency's custody, if the owner cannot be identified.

(3) Property left unclaimed pursuant to (2) will be turned over to the department's property division. The department will then turn the abandoned property over to the Department of Administration to be processed as surplus state property.

History: 23-1-106, 23-1-111, MCA; IMP, 23-1-106, 23-1-111, MCA; NEW, 2016 MAR p. 825, Eff. 5/7/16.

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