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(1) An application must include a description of operation and maintenance procedures for the proposed facility under normal and emergency conditions, including types and scheduling of anticipated maintenance and inspections.   For electric transmission facilities, an application must contain a description of methods the applicant will employ to resolve complaints from nearby residents regarding noise and radio and television interference.

(2) An application must contain a discussion of the ability of the proposed facility to withstand destructive natural phenomena such as mass movement, earthquakes, floods, icing conditions and high winds or accidents, a description of the environmental impacts and/or public safety problems resulting from facility failure due to natural phenomena and accidents, and a general discussion of measures proposed to reduce the problems.

(3) An application must contain a description of the methods the applicant will employ to control land uses on the right-of-way, including encroachment of buildings.

(4) An application must contain a description of the right-of-way management procedures that will be used, including vegetation and weed control, herbicide use, and the scheduled timing of the proposed management activities.

(5) For pipelines, an application must describe the size and frequency of leaks that can be expected over the life of the proposed project.

(6) For pipelines, an application must describe leak detection systems to be employed during operations including sensitivity of the leak detection system, the time necessary to shut down the facility in the event of a leak, and expected time necessary to respond to a leak.

(7) For liquid pipelines, an application must include a detailed spill contingency plan describing:

(a) immediate notification procedures;

(b) the type and location of emergency response personnel and equipment;

(c) any mutual aid agreements to supply personnel and equipment and respond in the event of a spill;

(d) response procedures;

(e) equipment testing procedures;

(f) frequency of field training exercises; and

(g) plan update procedures.   The plan shall be sufficiently detailed so that the department can determine the likely environmental effects resulting from a spill.

History: 75-20-105, MCA; IMP, 75-20-301, MCA; NEW, 2001 MAR p. 2410, Eff. 12/7/01.

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