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(1) Each application must contain a description of each road, conveyor, and railroad loop to be constructed, used, or maintained within the proposed permit area. The description must include the following as appropriate for the type of construction:

(a) a map, cross-sections, and specifications for each road including width, gradient, surface, cut, embankment, culvert, bridge, drainage ditch, and drainage structure;

(b) a report of geotechnical analysis, where approval of the department is required for alternative specifications;

(c) a description of measures to be taken to obtain approval of the department for alteration or relocation of a natural drainageway;

(d) a description of measures, other than use of a rock headwall, to be taken to protect the inlet end of a ditch relief culvert for approval by the department under ARM 17.24.605(6) ;

(e) demonstration of compliance with ARM 17.24.601 through 17.24.606;

(f) demonstration of compliance with any design criteria established by the department; and

(g) in accordance with standards of subchapters 5, 6, 7, and 8, a description of measures that will be used to reclaim any roads that will not be reclaimed as part of the reclamation activities of the mine excavations.

(2) Plans for low-water crossings of perennial and intermittent stream channels must be submitted and must demonstrate that protection of such stream channels will be maximized in accordance with ARM 17.24.602, 17.24.631, 17.24.633, 17.24.638, and any other applicable rules.

(3) The plans and drawings for each haul road, access road, conveyor, railroad loop, and low-water crossing of perennial and intermittent streams required under (1) and (2) must be prepared by, or under the direction of, and certified by a qualified licensed professional engineer with experience in the design and construction of such facilities. The certification must state that the designs meet the performance standards of ARM 17.24.601, 17.24.602, 17.24.603, 17.24.605, and current prudent engineering practices.

(4) Ramp roads must be shown and designated on the map(s) required in (1) (a) .

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