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17.40.206    EXAMINATIONS

(1) A person desiring to take the examination for certification as a water supply or wastewater treatment system operator must complete the department's application form and return it to the department at least 30 days before the date of the examination. The proper fee, as determined under ARM 17.40.212, must accompany the application. Upon department approval, the applicant may take the examination.

(2) An annual application fee is required for each application for water certification and each application for wastewater certification. Examination fees are required for each examination taken.

(3) An operator certified under one classification by examination and another under ARM 17.40.203(1) will receive one certificate showing both certifications, with that classification held under ARM 17.40.203(1) noted by "(g.c.)."

(4) All classes of examinations will be given by department staff or by a council member at a time and place set by the department.

(5) Each person submitting an application and application fee for certification that meet department requirements will be sent a notice of the time and place of the examination.

(6) Examinations will not be returned to examinees, but will be on file for one year at the department. A failing examination will be kept two years.

(7) An operator holding a temporary certificate who fails the examination two times loses the temporary certificate upon notice from the department of the second failure. However, the operator may take the examination whenever it is given by re-applying in conformance with department requirements.

(8) The department shall provide a duplicate original certificate, to the person certified only, upon payment of a $10 fee.

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