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(1) Temporary signs are considered on-premise signs and may be erected in all zoning districts along controlled routes without permits for the purposes described in this rule only. Temporary signs must comply with sign standards found in 75-15-113, MCA, and ARM 18.6.231, unless otherwise specified in this rule.

(2) Temporary signs must not:

(a) exceed 32 square feet in size;

(b) be placed on any location other than private property and may only be placed with the permission of the property owner;

(c) be erected or maintained outside the time limits set forth in this rule for each category of temporary signs;

(d) be erected along interstate highways.

(3) Temporary signs must be removed within the time limits set forth for the sign category in this rule. The department shall notify the landowner and the sign owner of illegal signs which are not removed within ten days of the time limit expiration. The signs shall be removed by the department 24 hours after notification to the landowner and sign owner.

(4) Temporary signs which meet criteria for the following categories may be erected:

(a) Temporary construction site identification signs erected during the construction period of a structure for the purpose of identifying the project, the owner or developer, architect, engineer, contractor and subcontractors, funding sources, and related information including but not limited to sale or leasing information. Construction site identification signs must not be erected prior to the issuance of a building permit, and must be removed from the subject site before the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

(b) Temporary real estate sale or lease directional signs erected for the purpose of directing interested persons to the location of a property actively listed for sale or lease. Real estate directional signs may only be erected during the period of a real estate agent's listing agreement for sale or lease of real property, or for 120 days of active sale activities without a listing agreement. The signs must be removed from the subject site no later than 15 days after the sale of the listed property or expiration of the listing agreement.

(c) Other temporary signs at the department's discretion, including but not limited to charity events or causes and public service announcements.

History: 75-15-121, MCA; IMP, 75-15-111, 75-15-121, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 2476, Eff. 11/27/08; AMD, 2012 MAR p. 185, Eff. 1/27/12; AMD, 2016 MAR p. 1440, Eff. 8/20/16.

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