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(1) When military, U.S. government, federal volunteer, Montana public employment, or other public employment related service is eligible to be purchased into a retirement system, the member is responsible for ensuring acceptable documentation is provided to MPERA.

(2) The documents submitted must be sufficient to prove to MPERA that the service is eligible to be purchased by the member.

(a) Documents used to prove military or federal volunteer service must include:

(i) military service records, including DD 214s, verified by the appropriate branch of service;

(ii) Peace Corps service records verified by the appropriate federal service agency; or

(iii) national service position records verified by the corporation for national and community service.

(b) Documents used to prove U.S. government, Montana public employment, or other public employment must include employer certification of:

(i) dates of employment, full- or part-time employment status, monthly hours of employment, compensation received, date and amount of refund, and current membership status; and

(ii) if the member was employed before the employer contracted to a public retirement system, the name of the public retirement system and the date the employer contracted to join that system, if applicable.

(c) If employer certified salary and employment documentation is not available from the employer, or if the member contests the certified documents, the member may petition the board to purchase the service based upon acceptable documentation listed in ARM 2.43.2302.

(3) MPERA shall review the documents presented to determine whether the service qualifies to be purchased. If the service can be purchased, MPERA will then calculate the cost of the service.

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