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(1) On or before June 1 of each year, the board will provide each sheriff an employer report containing the information from the immediately preceding report, on which the sheriff need only provide new information or corrections regarding employees of the sheriffs' office.

(2) By the 15th day of July each year, the sheriff of each county with a detention center must file the revised employer report with the board.

(3) The employer report will include information documenting the appropriate retirement system for detention officers, as of June 30 of each year, including:

(a) each detention officer's name, social security number, retirement system, and date of initial employment in current position;

(b) whether the employee is acting as a detention officer, and has completed a detention officers' basic course or equivalent training at a training school meeting the minimum standards of the Board of Crime Control or is expected to receive such training within the time allowed by ARM 23.13.206; and

(c) the date the employee left employment, if applicable.

(4) If the sheriff's office employs no detention officers, the report referenced in (3) must indicate that there are no employees who are detention officers.

History: 19-2-403, MCA; IMP, 19-7-101, 19-7-301, 19-7-302, MCA; NEW, 2005 MAR p. 1670, Eff. 9/9/05; AMD & TRANS, from ARM 2.43.1212, 2008 MAR p. 2467, Eff. 12/1/08; AMD, 2013 MAR p. 2240, Eff. 11/28/13

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