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(1) Except as otherwise provided in this rule, the following individuals may operate a state vehicle if the driver possesses a valid driver's license appropriate to the type of vehicle to be driven, meets driver requirements set out in ARM 2.6.205, and the uses are as provided below:

(a) a state employee to conduct business on behalf of the state;

(b) a state employee in travel status to obtain food and lodging and to respond to medical emergency situations;

(c) a state employee required to conduct state business to obtain items needed while in travel status;

(d) a state employee may park a state vehicle overnight at the employee's residence if the employee must begin travel the next day or if the employee is subject to emergency response, on-call, or other off-shift duty associated with state employment;

(e) a state employee required to stay overnight at a location other than the employee's established work location during nonwork time to drive to a cultural, recreational, or leisure activity or to conduct other personal business, if the activity is within 30 miles of the employee's lodging;

(f) a nonstate employee enrolled and registered as a student at a university of the state to conduct university business;

(g) a nonstate employee to aid or assist a disabled state employee if the aide has completed the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division's (RMTD) vehicle use agreement and obtained authorization from the agency head or designee prior to the use;

(h) a nonstate employee to assist a state employee or other individual during a medical emergency for transportation and related purposes. Prior approval is not required;

(i) a nonstate employee accompanying a state employee on official state business where the state employee becomes ill, fatigued, or is otherwise rendered physically or mentally incapable of driving and/or a compelling state interest is served by allowing the nonstate employee to drive. Prior approval is not required; and

(j) an inmate of a state prison who must operate a state vehicle to fulfill job duties for a position with Montana Correctional Enterprises or a state prison, and who is approved by the appropriate division as outlined in Montana State Prison/Montana Women's Prison/Montana Correctional Enterprises Procedure. If an inmate who is allowed to drive on Department of Corrections' property under this rule does not have a valid driver's license, the inmate may drive a state vehicle if:

(i) the inmate has a valid facility driving permit;

(ii) is timely paying fines, if any, associated with the inmate's loss of a driver's license; and

(iii) is working toward obtaining a valid state of Montana driver's license.

(2) Any exception to the authorized drivers and uses requires the prior written approval of the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.

History: 2-17-424, MCA; IMP, 2-9-201, 2-9-305, 2-17-424, MCA; NEW, 2001 MAR p. 2013, Eff. 10/12/01; AMD, 2012 MAR p. 2595, Eff. 12/21/12.

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