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23.12.430    SERVICE TAGS

(1) A service tag must be used to indicate when fire protection equipment is installed or when service is performed on fire protection equipment and the name of the endorsed person installing or servicing the equipment.

(2) A service tag shall be of a size and of a durable material approved by the department but not less than 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.

(3) A service tag must bear the following information:

(a) imprinted name, address, telephone and license number of licensed entity;

(b) type of service performed;

(c) month and year of service;

(d) name and endorsement number of registrant performing service. The registrant shall indicate the type of service performed and date of service by punching the appropriate section of the tag. The tag must bear dates for 1 to 3 years; and

(e) "DO NOT REMOVE BY ORDER OF THE STATE FIRE MARSHAL" in capital letters, at least 10-point boldface type.

(4) The registrant shall attach the service tag in a position so it can be conveniently inspected by an inspecting authority but does not hamper the operation of fire protection equipment.

(5) No person may remove a service tag except when further service is performed and a new tag is attached. No person may alter or deface a service tag attached to or required to be attached to fire protection equipment.

(6) Stored pressure extinguisher tags must follow the guidelines listed in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 10, currently referenced edition of the IFC, and include the information listed in (3).

(7) A blank tag shall be submitted for approval to the state fire marshal at the time of application.


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