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(1) Certain information collected by the department is known to contain confidential information. Information designated as confidential includes but is not limited to the following:

(a) technical manuals, instructions, wiring, or logic diagrams for the machine;

(b) source codes;

(c) results of simulations and related information explaining simulation methodology;

(d) media or logic boards containing compiled programs.

(2) Information relating to the results of actual operations as shown on a VGM's meters is not confidential and may be used to compile studies or reports.

(3) Persons with access to confidential information as described in (1) may not use or reveal anything of a confidential nature outside the scope of its intended purpose.

(4) The department shall secure confidential information and restrict all persons from access, except designated employees whose duties include testing and interpretation of the information. Such information is not public record and may not be released to any member of the public.


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