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23.16.2401    DEFINITIONS

Throughout this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Bank" means the common fund into which player consideration to play keno or bingo is placed and out of which prizes are awarded.

(2) "Bingo" means a game of chance played for prizes with cards bearing numbers as described in law, in which the holder covers such numbers when objects similarly numbered are drawn or electronically determined, and in which the game is won by persons covering one or more previously designated arrangements of numbers on such cards. A game of bingo begins with the first number called and ends when an individual or individuals covers the previously designated arrangements, declares bingo, and the game is verified.

(3) "Filing date" means July 31st of each year.

(4) "Game" means a single period of play during a bingo session in which a winner or winners are chosen or the game as defined in law or administrative rule ends.

(5) "Gross keno or bingo game income" means the total consideration paid by all the players to play.

(6) "Gross proceeds" means gross income received to play live keno or bingo minus the prize payouts.

(7) "Inside keno cards" mean the cards on which players record their selections which are submitted to and retained by the keno caller as a receipt and to verify player selections.

(8) "Keno or bingo caller" means any individual responsible for the collection of player consideration, verification of bets and winners and distribution of awards.

(9) "Outside keno cards" mean the cards on which players' selections are recorded by a keno caller and issued to the player as a receipt. These cards must contain the card manufacturer name and a purchase series number.

(10) "Payout(s)" means a prize or prizes awarded to winners. The term does not include prizes awarded to winners of free, promotional games.

(11) "Payout slips" means a report detailing the payouts made in each live keno or bingo game, including promotional prizes. The slips must also contain the name of the individual making the payouts, game date and the payouts or prizes, for each game.

(12) "Player" means a natural person paying valuable consideration to play live keno or bingo.

(13) "Promotional game" means a game during which a prize is awarded but for which no consideration is required by the players.

(14) "Tax year end" means June 30th of each year.

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