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23.19.602    APPLICATION

(1) To apply for an identity theft passport, a victim must:

(a) be a victim of identity theft in Montana;

(b) file a report with a Montana law enforcement agency alleging identity theft pursuant to 45-6-332 , MCA; and

(c) complete the Department of Justice's identity theft passport application. The application must, at a minimum, include:

(i) a description of the alleged identity theft;

(ii) if known by the victim, the perpetrator of the identity theft;

(iii) a detailed statement of the accounts involved;

(iv) the signature of the victim;

(v) a copy of the victim's driver's license or other official form of photo identification; and

(vi) the signature of the law enforcement agent with whom the victim filed a report.

(2) The law enforcement report and the identify theft passport application must be sent to the Office of Victim Services by the law enforcement agency where the victim filed a report. The application and report may be mailed or faxed to the Office of Victim Services, 2225 Eleventh Avenue, P.O. Box 200151, Helena, MT 59620-0151, fax (406) 444-9680.

(3) Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted by the passport program.

History: 46-24-220, MCA; IMP, 46-24-220, MCA; NEW, 2005 MAR p. 2061, Eff. 10/18/05; TRANS, from Administration, 2006 MAR p. 322, Eff. 2/10/06.

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