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(1) Any person who has a valid Montana driver's license at the time of entering active duty with the armed forces may apply for a military renewal.   The military renewal will be valid so long as the person is assigned to active duty not to exceed 30 days following the date of release from active duty, unless the license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled prior to the person's release.   Active duty means duty while assigned to any of the armed forces of the United States except temporary active duty in the national guard or in any reserve unit for less than 6 months.   Active duty does not include full time active duty with the national guard unless the national guard has been called to federal service.

(2) If the person on active duty does not apply for a military renewal, his/her current driver's license will be valid after the date of expiration for not to exceed 30 days following the date of release from active duty only when it is in the person's immediate possession and accompanied by his/her discharge, separation, leave or furlough papers showing the date of entry into the service.

(3) The military renewal is not issued or available to any person who applies for and receives a Montana driver license following the date of assignment to active duty. The military renewal does not extend to the spouse or dependents of the person on active duty.

History: 44-1-203, MCA; IMP, 61-5-104, MCA; Eff. 12/31/72; AMD, Eff. 12/5/76; AMD, 1983 MAR p. 855, Eff. 7/15/83.

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