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(1) If the applicant is administered the test outlined in 23.3.155(2) (a) , above, a traffic examination must also be taken. Traffic examinations will be given regardless of weather if the applicant consents. If the applicant requests a postponement, permit it, holding the test as incomplete.

(2) If the applicant has a minor accident and does not appear to be upset, direct him to drive back to the starting point. If the applicant appears to be the least upset or major damage has occurred, direct him to make arrangements for someone to remove the motorcycle for him or to have the motorcycle towed away for repair.

(3) If an accident involves another car or a pedestrian, or if the damage amounts to more than $25 to the applicant's motorcycle, have him complete and submit to you an accident report, listing you as a witness.

(4) If an applicant violates a law on the road test, such as running through a stop light, fail him but do not cite him. Because a purpose of the road test is to determine whether the applicant knows the laws, he is presumed not to have violated the law purposely.

History: Sec. 44-1-103 44-1-103 MCA; IMP, 61-5-101 et seq. , 61-5-110, MCA; NEW, Eff. 3/8/76; AMD, 12/5/76; AMD, 1982 MAR p. 600, Eff. 3/26/82.

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