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(1) When applying for a REAL ID driver’s license or identification card, each applicant shall submit satisfactory evidence of Montana residency (physical address).

(2) If the applicant has a different mailing address than residency (physical address), the applicant shall provide a separate mailing address.

(3) The Montana residency address must be displayed on the credential except that an alternative address may be displayed for an applicant whom a statute, regulation, or department business standard permits the display of an alternative address.

(4) The residency of an unmarried minor is:

(a) the residency of the minor's parents or parent;

(b) the residency of the legal guardian or custodian appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction;

(c) as determined by district court order; or

(d) as approved by the department.

(5) The residency of a married minor is the minor's residency.

(6) The residency of an emancipated minor is the minor's residency.

(7) The residency address must be:

(a) the number and street name assigned for U.S. mail delivery;

(b) an address convention used by the U.S. postal service in areas where a number and street name have not been assigned; or

(c) a descriptive address of the location where the applicant resides (for example, under the west end of the east street bridge) if the applicant does not have a standard address or is homeless.

(8) The document must show the applicant's name and current residency.

(9) Each applicant shall establish residency by submitting two documents from the following list:

(a) valid Montana credential;

(b) valid Montana REAL ID credential;

(c) expired Montana credential;

(d) expired Montana REAL ID credential;

(e) a Montana hunting or fishing license or permit;

(f) utility bill;

(g) credit card statement;

(h) school transcript or report card;

(i) bank statement;

(j) mortgage document;

(k) rental agreement or rent receipt;

(l) insurance policy;

(m) tax document;

(n) pay stub;

(o) vehicle registration or title;

(p) voter registration;

(q) phone bill;

(r) federally recognized tribal identification;

(s) Montana recognized tribal identification;

(t) certified court documents (for example, court order, judgment, subpoena, warrant); or

(u) first class mail with postmark.

(10) If the applicant is homeless, the applicant shall submit:

(a) a separate mailing address;

(b) a written statement from a social service agency on the agency's letterhead verifying the applicant's homeless status and the descriptive address given by the applicant.


History: 61-5-125, 61-5-128, MCA; IMP, 61-5-128, 61-5-129, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 1956, Eff. 10/6/18.

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