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(1) In addition to the information required by law to be contained on motor vehicle registration slips, the slips for motor vehicles subject to anniversary date registration must show:

(a) the anniversary date registration period assigned to the motor vehicle, and

(b)the date to which fees and taxes on the motor vehicle have been paid.

(2) For purposes of identification, each motor vehicle subject to anniversary date registration must have affixed to the Montana license plates required by law, a decal issued by the registrar of motor vehicles through the county treasurers. The decal must:

(a) be color coded according to the year in which the anniversary registration period shall end; and

(b) identify the month and year through which the motor vehicle is registered.

(3) At the time of registration of each motor vehicle, the county treasurer shall issue the decal to the person registering the motor vehicle and shall instruct the person to affix the decal to the lower right hand corner of both the front and rear Montana license plate issued to the motor vehicle.

(4) If the license plate is transferred from one motor vehicle to another in the manner provided by law, the county treasurer, upon registration of the new vehicle, shall issue to the owner a new decal corresponding to the anniversary registration period assigned to the new motor vehicle. The owner must be instructed to place the new decal over the existing decal on the plates to blank the old decal from view.

History: Sec. 61-3-315 MCA; IMP, 61-3-315 MCA; NEW, Eff. 9/4/75.

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