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(1) The unemployment insurance division of the Department of Labor and Industry adopts and incorporates the organizational structure and description of general duties and responsibilities set out and explained in chapter 1 of this title. The division strives to provide services in a courteous and efficient manner, within the parameters of federal and state law.

(2) The rules in this chapter were drafted and are administered by the unemployment insurance division. However, to avoid confusion if the department is reorganized or the unemployment insurance division is renamed, the rules refer to the "department" as a whole.

(3) The address and contact numbers for the department's main office in Helena are as follows:

Unemployment Insurance Division

Montana Department of Labor and Industry

1315 East Lockey Street

P.O. Box 8020

Helena, MT 59604-8020

Telephone: (406) 444-3555

Fax: (406) 444-2993

Montana Relay Service at 711

e-mail: contact links are included on the unemployment insurance web page at: http://uid.dli.mt.gov

(4) Contact numbers for unemployment insurance bureaus are as follows:

(a) Helena Claims Processing Center: (406) 444-2545;

(b) Billings Claims Processing Center: (406) 247-1000;

(c) Contributions Bureau Switchboard: (406) 444-3834; and

(d) Benefits Bureau Switchboard: (406) 444-3783.

(5) The Unemployment Insurance Internet Application for filing a benefit claim (UI4U) is at: http://ui4u.mt.gov.

(6) The unemployment insurance web portal for registering, filing, and paying employer taxes is at: http://uieservices.mt.gov.

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