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(1) To request a determination of a claimant's eligibility for benefits, the claimant must file an initial claim by using the UI4U web portal at http://ui4u.mt.gov, or calling the claims processing center to request filing assistance. The claimant shall provide such information as the department may require for the proper administration of the claim. The information required from the claimant includes, but is not limited to:

(a) the claimant's name, mailing address, and demographic data;

(b) the claimant's social security number;

(c) whether the claimant is a United States citizen and, if not, the claimant's alien registration permit number;

(d) whether the claimant has an existing benefit year under any state or federal unemployment insurance or unemployment compensation law;

(e) whether the claimant is totally unemployed;

(f) whether the claimant is able to work, available for work and seeking work; and

(g) the names and addresses of all employers for whom the claimant worked in the most recent 18 months, as well as the beginning and ending dates of insured work for each employer and the reasons for the claimant's separation from insured work with each employer.

(2) The department may require the claimant to provide verification, written or otherwise, of any information requested from or provided by the claimant in connection with the claim.

(3) If the department determines that the claimant, having filed an initial claim, has base period wages of an amount sufficient to qualify the claimant for benefits under 39-51-2105, MCA, without respect to whether or not the claimant is otherwise qualified or eligible to receive benefits, the claimant is deemed to have established a "valid claim."

(4) The claim is effective on the Sunday of the week in which the claim is filed and remains in effect until:

(a) the end of the benefit year; or

(b) the claim is cancelled as provided in (6).

(5) The claimant may request that the claim be backdated to an earlier effective date. If the department finds that the claimant had good cause for the delay in filing the initial claim, the claim will be backdated.

(6) A claim may be cancelled if the claimant files a request for cancellation within ten calendar days after the date an initial or revised monetary determination, as provided in ARM 24.11.442, is mailed to the claimant's last known address. The request to cancel the claim must be in writing and be signed by the claimant. A request to cancel a claim received after the time allowed will be granted only if the department finds that the claimant had good cause for the delay in filing the request.


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