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24.126.507    TEMPORARY PERMIT

(1) Temporary permit applicants may be issued a permit under 37-1-305, MCA, while waiting to take either Part IV of the NBCE or the Special Purposes Examination for Chiropractors (SPEC). The permit shall require the permit holder to practice under the on-premises supervision of a chiropractor licensed in the state of Montana.

(2) A temporary permit applicant must take and pass the jurisprudence exam by a minimum of 75 percent before a temporary permit will be granted.

(3) A temporary permit holder may not sign insurance claims, workers' compensation claims, Medicare/Medicaid claims, or birth or death certificates. Only licensed practitioners have this authority.

(4) A statement consenting to the above conditions shall be signed by both the supervising licensed chiropractor and the applicant, and filed with the department.

(5) Any advertisement where the temporary permit holder is named or pictured must state that the individual holds a temporary permit and if applicable, must include the designation, "intern." This designation must appear with the name of the supervising licensed chiropractor.


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