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(1) Starting April 15, 2015, licensees shall complete, within a three-year renewal cycle, the following minimum number of continuing education credits of instruction in acceptable courses of continuing education:

(a) for dentists, 60 per three-year cycle. Dentists who have deep sedation/general anesthesia permits must complete 20 hours of anesthesia specific continuing education as part of the 60 continuing education credits required. Dentists who have moderate sedation permits must complete 12 hours of anesthesia specific continuing education as part of the 60 continuing education credits required;

(b) for dental hygienists, 36 per three-year cycle. Dental hygienists who have a limited access permit must complete an additional 12 continuing education hours pursuant to ARM 24.138.509. Dental hygienists who qualify for limited prescriptive authority pursuant to 37-4-401 and 37-4-405, MCA, must complete an additional three continuing education hours pursuant to ARM 24.138.419; or

(c) for denturists, 36 per three-year cycle.

(2) Courses that are unacceptable for continuing education credit include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

(a) self-help/pop psychology (i.e., personal goal development, transactional analysis, assertiveness training);

(b) legislative/political issues;

(c) unproven modalities or experimental techniques;

(d) basic science courses;

(e) basic life support/CPR.

(3) Continuing education may include presentation of lectures and/or participation courses related to subject matter(s) listed in ARM 24.138.2102.

(a) Three credits for each 60 minutes of initial presentation will be allowed for lecture and/or participation courses.

(b) One credit for each 60 minutes will be allowed for repeat lectures from material previously presented.

(4) Continuing education credits will be allowed for a dentist or dental hygienist holding an active license issued by the board to perform volunteer dental services in the state of Montana subject to ARM 24.138.2105.

(a) One credit hour of continuing education will be earned for every hour of verified volunteer dental services. The maximum continuing education credit allowed for volunteer dental services is 10 percent of the required credits per cycle.

(b) A licensee seeking to earn continuing education credit for volunteer dental services must submit, upon request of the board, documentation from the dental facility director or person responsible for the program or institution attesting to the licensee's participation, including the date(s), location(s), and number of hours of service.


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