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(1) Anesthesia permit holders shall affirm their understanding of the recurring duty to comply with anesthesia-specific CE requirements on the annual license renewal. Anesthesia-specific CE is in addition to CE required for the underlying dentist license.

(a) Deep sedation/general anesthesia - 20 hours every three-year reporting period.

(b) Moderate sedation - 12 hours every three-year reporting period.

(2) Acceptable CE must be in one or more of the following fields:

(a) deep sedation/general anesthesia;

(b) moderate sedation;

(c) physical evaluation;

(d) medical emergencies;

(e) monitoring and the use of monitoring equipment;

(f) pharmacology of utilized drugs; and

(g) advanced cardiac life support, up to a maximum of eight hours.

(3) Continuing education may include presentation of lectures and/or participation courses related to subject matter(s) listed in this rule.

(a) Three credits for each 60 minutes of initial presentation will be allowed for lecture and/or participation courses.

(b) One credit for each 60 minutes will be allowed for repeat lectures from material previously presented.

(4) The board may randomly audit up to 50 percent of renewed licensees' CE hours every three-year reporting period. Licensees must provide CE documentation upon request to the board.

(5) Licensees found to be in noncompliance with CE requirements may be subject to administrative suspension. Licensees may not apply CE hours used to complete delinquent CE requirements for the next reporting period. 


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