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(1) All licensed active status dentists, dental hygienists, and denturists shall possess a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), or pediatric advanced life support (PALS) card.

(2) Licensees shall maintain a current CPR, ACLS, or PALS card on the premises and provide a copy to the board upon request.

(3) Licensees shall affirm the expiration date of the CPR, ACLS, or PALS card on the renewal. The board may audit a licensee for compliance of a current CPR, ACLS, or PALS card in addition to the random CE audit every three-year reporting period. An active licensee who practices without a current CPR, ACLS, or PALS card may be subject to administrative suspension.

(4) Internet CPR, ACLS, or PALS courses will be accepted if a hands-on evaluation of clinical competency is also included. 


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