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(1) Allowable functions for the dental hygienist practicing under the supervision of a licensed dentist shall include dental procedures as allowed by Title 37, chapter 4, MCA, and board rule, and subject to (2) below, in which:

(a) the hygienist was instructed and qualified to perform in a school of dental hygiene accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation or its successor; or

(b) the hygienist was instructed and trained by a licensed dentist; or

(c) the hygienist was instructed and trained in a board acceptable continuing education course; or

(d) the hygienist is functioning in the capacity of a dental auxiliary as allowed by board rule.

(2) A dental hygienist will be allowed to perform the following dental auxiliary functions, under general supervision, including, but not limited to:

(a) making radiographic exposures, as prescribed by the supervising dentist;

(b) taking impressions for study or working casts;

(c) removing sutures and dressings;

(d) applying topical anesthetic agents;

(e) providing oral health instruction;

(f) applying topical fluoride agents;

(g) removing excess cement from coronal surfaces;

(h) placing and removing rubber dams;

(i) placing and removing matrices;

(j) collecting patient data;

(k) polishing amalgam restorations;

(l) placing pit and fissure sealants; and

(m) coronal polishing.

(3) A dental hygienist shall not be allowed to perform the following:

(a) diagnosis and treatment planning as per 37-4-401, MCA;

(b) cutting hard or soft tissue (except root planing and soft tissue curettage) or extracting teeth;

(c) prescribing any drug except fluoride agents, topical oral anesthetic agents, and nonsystemic oral antimicrobials, under the general supervision of a licensed dentist or under public health supervision with a limited access permit, as per 37-4-401, MCA;

(d) administering or dispensing any drugs, without the prior authorization and direct supervision of the supervising dentist. This does not pertain to local anesthetic agents administered by a licensed dental hygienist qualified to administer the agents, topical agents, fluoride agents, topical oral anesthetic agents, nonsystemic oral antimicrobials, or sulcular medicaments;

(e) placing, carving or condensing any permanent restorations;

(f) taking final impressions of the involved arch for crowns, bridges, implant prosthesis, partial or complete dentures;

(g) bonding or cementing orthodontic brackets, or orthodontic appliances that would provide activation upon cementation;

(h) bonding or cementing any fixed prosthesis, including veneers, except for provisional.

(4) The assignment of tasks and procedures to a dental hygienist shall not relieve the dentist from liability for all treatment rendered the patient.

(5) It shall be the responsibility of the employing dentist to verify that a dental hygienist's qualifications are in compliance with the statutes and rules of the Board of Dentistry.


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