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(1) The board shall license a dentist without additional examination, except a jurisprudence examination, if the applicant meets each of the following:

(a) submits a completed application;

(b) pays the appropriate fees including credentialing fee, jurisprudence exam fee, and application fee;

(c) provides certification to the board that the dentist:

(i) is a graduate of a dental school accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation for the American Dental Association, or its successor;

(ii) has successfully passed the national board dental examination and submits an original Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations score card; and

(iii) has successfully completed a board approved regional clinical practical examination for licensure or any state clinical practical examination. The board shall review all state clinical practical examinations on a case-by-case basis to determine approval for licensure.

(d) submits license verifications from all jurisdictions where the applicant is licensed or has held a license. If the dentist is employed by the federal government, the applicant shall submit a letter of explanation for any discipline with the employing federal agency;

(e) provides evidence that the applicant has been engaged in the practice of clinical, direct patient care dentistry at least six months prior to the date of application and can demonstrate actively practicing within the last five years immediately preceding application, for a total accumulation of 3000 hours of experience as demonstrated by any or all of the following:

(i) address of practice location(s);

(ii) length of time at location(s);

(iii) a letter from all malpractice insurance carriers defining years when insured and any claims history;

(iv) DEA registration number, if any;

(v) documentation from a commanding officer regarding length of service, duties and responsibilities, and any adverse actions or restrictions, if the dentist is serving in the United States federal service;

(vi) documentation from the dean or appropriate administration of the institution regarding length and terms of employment, and the applicant's duties and responsibilities, and any adverse actions or restrictions, if the dentist is employed by a dental school; or

(vii) proof of hours completed within a residency program, to be credited toward the dental practice requirement, if the dentist is practicing within a residency program.

(f) submits documentation of all unresolved or adverse decisions based on complaints, investigations, review procedures, or other disciplinary proceedings undertaken by a state, territorial, local, or federal dental licensing jurisdiction, dental society, or law enforcement agency relating to criminal or fraudulent activity, dental malpractice, or negligent dental care;

(g) submits certificates of attendance proving the applicant has completed at least 60 hours of continuing education related to clinical dentistry in the three years immediately preceding application for a license in this state. Courses submitted must meet board approvals as defined in ARM 24.138.2102 and pursuant to ARM 24.138.2105;

(h) certifies that the applicant is not physically or mentally impaired by use of addictive drugs, alcohol, or any other drug or substance, or by mental or physical illness which in the determination of the board renders the individual unfit or incapable of practicing dentistry;

(i) submits a copy of a self-query of the National Practitioner Data Bank; and

(j) submits a current CPR, ACLS, or PALS card.

(2) Applicants shall successfully pass the jurisprudence examination with a final grade of at least 75 percent prior to issuance of a license.

(3) Application material remains valid for one year from the time it is received in the office.


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