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(1) Denturist applicants must complete a clinical internship of at least one year, but no more than two years, under the direct supervision of a licensed denturist.

(2) At a minimum, the internship must consist of 2000 clock hours of training and performance as follows:

(a) 36 hours minimum in:

(i) patient charting;

(ii) operatory sanitation;

(iii) oral examination;

(iv) impressions, preliminary and final (pour models, custom trays);

(v) processing (wax up, flask boil out, packing, grind-polish); and

(vi) delivery-post adjustment;

(b) 12 hours minimum in:

(i) bite registrations;

(ii) articulations;

(iii) set ups; and

(iv) try ins;

(c) 48 hours minimum in:

(i) tooth repairs; and

(ii) broken or fractured plates or partials; and

(d) 24 units of processed relines (one plate - one unit).

(3) Per 37-29-302, MCA, a licensed denturist may not supervise more than one intern at any one time.

(4) Upon completion of an internship, an applicant may not practice until obtaining a denturist license from the board. 


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