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(1) A person holding an individual license may request inactive status on the renewal form or by informing the board office in writing and paying the appropriate fee. The inactive licensee must keep the board informed of any change of address during the period of time the license remains on inactive status. Inactive licensees must pay the inactive renewal fee annually to avoid expiration or termination of the license.

(2) A licensee may not practice as a mortician, funeral director, crematory operator, or crematory technician in Montana while the license is in an inactive status.

(3) Upon written request and payment of the appropriate fee, the board staff may approve a request to convert an inactive license to an active status if the applicant:

(a) presents satisfactory evidence that the applicant has attended six hours of approved continuing education which comply with the continuing education rules of the board for each year or portion of a year that licensee has been inactive, not to exceed 12 hours;

(b) submits certification from the licensing body of all jurisdictions where the applicant is licensed or has practiced that the applicant is in good standing and has not had any disciplinary actions taken against the applicant's license, or if the applicant is not in good standing by that jurisdiction, an explanation of the nature of the violation(s) resulting in that status, including the extent of the disciplinary treatment imposed; and

(c) successfully completes a Montana jurisprudence examination if the applicant has been on inactive status for more than five years.

(4) The board may issue a notice of proposed board action to grant a probationary license to a practitioner who has been inactive for more than five years, and require up to one year of supervised practice by a licensed mortician, including the embalming and preparation of at least five bodies.

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