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24.162.515    INACTIVE LICENSE

(1) A licensee is prohibited from practicing as a nursing home administrator while on inactive status.

(2) Inactive licenses will be granted to those individuals presently licensed or eligible to be licensed as nursing home administrators, but who are not presently working in the nursing home administration field by submitting a request and paying the required fee.

(3) The requirements for obtaining an inactive license status shall be the same as for obtaining a nursing home administrator's license.

(4) Inactive licensees shall utilize the renewal process and pay the required fee.

(5) Inactive licensees shall be exempt from the continuing education (CE) requirements as set out in ARM 24.162.2105.

(6) To return to active status, inactive licensees must submit the following:

(a) a request and payment of the fee;

(i) At any time during the renewal period, the inactive license fee will be credited towards the full fee for an active license.

(b) verification of the licensee's good standing from every jurisdiction in which the licensee was licensed during the inactive period; and

(c) proof of completion of the required CE for the prior renewal period as set out in ARM 24.162.2105.


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