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(1) All applicants for licensure shall submit a completed application.

(2) The application material must include the following:

(a) verification of successful passage of all parts of the national optometry examination administered by the NBEO with scores sent directly from the examination agency;

(b) verification of passage of the TMOD examination;

(c) verification of graduation with a transcript sent directly from the college, university, or institution approved by the ACOE, and recognized by ARBO, in which the practice and science of optometry is taught;

(d) license verifications from all states where a licensee has held or holds a license;

(e) a copy of a self-query of the National Practitioner Data Bank;

(f) the appropriate fee; and

(g) any other information the board may require.

(3) Applicants actively licensed in another state, but not meeting the qualifications of (2)(a), (b), or (c), must pay an endorsement fee and shall be reviewed by the board on a case-by-case basis.

(4) If an applicant was licensed prior to the inclusion of TMOD in the NBEO examination (1993), the applicant shall:

(a) provide proof of successful completion of a qualifying examination, or examinations, as defined in 37-10-304, MCA, administered by the licensing authority of the state or jurisdiction granting the license; and

(b) meet all qualifications to be TPA and DPA certified.

(5) Applicants shall read and understand the statutes and rules of the board for compliance with their profession.

(6) Proof of an applicant's familiarity with the board statutes and rules is evidenced by attestation on the application.


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