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24.183.502    APPLICATIONS

(1) Applicants shall complete all experience required for approval of an application prior to submission of an application.

(2) The board shall accept an application as complete when the applicant submits to the department:

(a) board-approved application forms completed in entirety;

(b) all required supplemental documentation;

(c) all applicable fees paid in full; and

(d) for professional engineer and professional land surveyor applicants, the board's law and rule questionnaire completed in entirety.

(3) Foreign-educated professional engineer applicants shall:

(a) arrange for a foreign degree evaluation performed by NCEES to verify whether the foreign degree is equivalent to an ABET-accredited engineering or engineering technology program;

(b) arrange for direct delivery of the evaluation from NCEES to the board; and

(c) pay all costs of the evaluation and delivery to the board.

(4) Applicants shall provide explanations of information submitted in an application upon request by the board.

(5) The board, after due consideration of an application shall:

(a) find the applicant eligible to sit for the appropriate exam;

(b) request such additional information as may be allowed by law; or

(c) advise the applicant of the status of the application.

(6) Applications received after a board-set application deadline will be processed for the following examination.


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