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(1) Licensees are responsible for accurately reporting CPE and must retain appropriate documentation of their participation in learning activities.

(2) Participants in group, self-study, nano-learning, or blended learning programs must obtain a certificate of completion or transcript issued by the program sponsor. All acceptable documentation must include the following information:

(a) participant's name;

(b) sponsor;

(c) course title and/or description of content;

(d) date(s);

(e) location;

(f) number of continuing education credit hours granted; and

(g) NASBA National Registry of CPE Sponsors ID (if applicable, applies to self-study and nano-learning).

(3) Documentation must be retained for not less than five years.

(4) The sponsor of group, self-study, nano-learning, or blended learning programs shall retain evidence of an individual's participation in a program for not less than five years. Pertinent information includes:

(a) participant's name;

(b) record of participation;

(c) outline of the course (or equivalent);

(d) date(s);

(e) location;

(f) instructor(s); and

(g) number of contact hours/continuing education credit hours granted.

(5) Documentation for technical committee sessions must include a written certificate including the following:

(a) the nature of the activity (e.g., topic or specific new competency acquired), the items discussed, and the source/material considered;

(b) the dates of the learning activity; and

(c) the number of CPE credits attributed to the learning activity.

(6) Acceptable evidence for credit of publications is a copy of the publication that names the licensee as author or contributor, a statement from the licensee supporting the number of CPE credits claimed, and the name and contact information of the independent reviewer(s) or publisher.


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