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(1) If the worker and the insurer agree to reopen medical benefits, the worker and the insurer may file a joint petition for reopening. A joint petition for reopening must be made on the department's joint petition form. Joint petition forms are available from the department in the manner described in ARM 24.29.3111.

(2) All portions of the joint petition for reopening must be completed when it is delivered to the department. However, the medical records and other information do not need to be provided.

(3) Because the parties agree on the need for reopening medical benefits, the department's medical director will summarily review and approve the petition, reopening medical benefits for not more than two years before being subject to a biennial review.

(4) In recognition that following the filing of the worker's petition, the parties may come to a voluntary agreement as to the nature and scope of medical benefits to be reopened, the department will treat the filing of a joint petition for reopening as a request for withdrawal of the worker's petition.


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