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24.301.451    FINAL INSPECTION

(1) The permittee of record, whether an electrical contractor or a homeowner, shall notify the area electrical inspector when the electrical installation is ready for final inspection and provide access to the installation for inspection or furnish the necessary information as to who can provide access to the installation.

(2) Upon completing final inspections, state inspectors will date and sign the inspection reports. Inspectors will apply a green "approved" tag when installations have been inspected and approved by the department. Upon approval, the department will remove the provisional power designation.

(3) If the installation is disapproved, inspectors will provide the permittee with notice of and reasons for the disapproval. After correcting the cause for disapproval, the permittee must make a request for reinspection to the department. Failure to make corrections or request the final reinspection may cause the department to cancel the provisional power. When the inspector approves the corrected installation as identified on the permit and inspection documents, the inspector will apply the proper final inspection tag to the installation and the department will remove the "provisional power" designation.


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