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(1) The requirements imposed by 50-74-206 and 50-74-209, MCA, regarding the requirements for boiler inspections, shall be as follows:

(a) All boilers not exempted from the rules of this subchapter are to be inspected prior to being placed into operation, unless authorization is obtained from the department to operate the boiler on a temporary basis.

(b) Upon notification to the department, in writing or via telephone, new boilers may be placed into operation prior to inspection, when scheduled for inspection within 90 days after being placed into operation.

(c) A bank of boilers is a row of similar or matched boilers connected to common header piping. Total input of a bank of boilers is the aggregate input of the individual boilers comprising the bank.

(d) Agricultural class boilers, such as those operated during the harvest by mint and honey producers, will be considered for longer inspection intervals on a case-by-case basis.

(e) The department may accept boiler inspection reports from insurance companies, which employ special boiler inspectors, subject to the following:

(i) Boiler inspection reports shall be filed with the department within 30 days after inspection in a manner acceptable to the department. Such report shall indicate the boiler has met the requirements imposed by Title 50, chapter 74, MCA, and that the boiler has been approved or rejected for operation by a special boiler inspector employed by the insurance company that insures the boiler.

(ii) All boilers which are insured by an insurance company employing a special boiler inspector shall be inspected within 90 days of the inspection due date. When a special inspector fails to inspect and submit a report to the department within this grace period, the department shall complete the required inspection and charge a fee pursuant to ARM 24.301.714.

(iii) The department may inspect any boiler, which is also inspected by a special boiler inspector employed by an insurance company. Whenever the department inspection confirms that the insurance company inspection report is substantially and materially incomplete, invalid, or unacceptable, the department may assess the insurance company the fee for a special inspection as imposed by ARM 24.301.714.

(2) Power boilers must be inspected internally:

(a) on an annual basis; or

(b) during a scheduled maintenance shutdown, with prior approval from the department and the insurance company, if the boiler is inspected by a special boiler inspector employed by the insurance company.


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