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(1) An appeal from a final decision of the Department of Labor and Industry under Title 39, chapters 71 and 72, MCA, other than an appeal of a department order regarding payment of benefits pursuant to 39-71-610, MCA, must be made by filing a notice of appeal with the court. The notice of appeal must be served by mail on all other parties and the legal services division of the Department of Labor and Industry and must include:

(a) the relief to which the appellant believes the appellant is entitled; and

(b) the grounds upon which the appellant contends the appellant is entitled to that relief.

(2) The filing of the notice does not stay the department decision. However, upon application of a party, the court may order a stay upon terms which the court considers proper.

(3) Any party or the court may request a transcript of the proceeding. Upon receiving such request, the department has 30 days in which to prepare and file the transcript unless the court lengthens or shortens the time. In the alternative, the parties may agree by written stipulation to other arrangements for transcribing the hearing. The appealing party shall be responsible for the cost of preparing the transcript unless otherwise ordered by the court.

(4) Any party to an appeal may request oral argument on the matters raised in the appeal. A request for oral argument must be made by the time specified for the last brief. Failure to timely request oral argument is deemed to be a waiver of the right to an oral argument.

(5) A motion for leave to present additional evidence must be filed no later than the time set for the last brief or, if oral argument is timely requested, then no later than the day before the argument. If it is shown to the satisfaction of the court that the additional evidence is material and that good reasons exist for the offering party's failure to present it in the department proceeding, the court may remand the matter to the department and order that the additional evidence be taken before the department upon conditions determined by the court. The department may modify its findings and decision by reason of the additional evidence and shall file that evidence and any modifications, new findings, or decisions with the reviewing court.

(6) The court shall base its decision on the record.

(7) ARM 24.5.344, relating to new trials, applies to decisions under this rule. However, the decision of the court may or may not be in the form of findings of fact and conclusions of law.

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