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(1) It is unlawful to retaliate against or otherwise discriminate against a person because the person engages in protected activity. A significant adverse act against a person because the person has engaged in protected activity or is associated with or related to a person who has engaged in protected activity is illegal retaliation. "Protected activity" means the exercise of rights under the act or code and may include:

(a) aiding or encouraging others in the exercise of rights under the act or code;

(b) opposing any act or practice made unlawful by the act or code; and

(c) filing a charge, testifying, assisting or participating in any manner in an investigation, proceeding or hearing to enforce any provision of the act or code.

(2) Significant adverse acts are those that would dissuade a reasonable person from engaging in a protected activity. This may include the following:

(a) violence or threats of violence, malicious damage to property, coercion, intimidation, harassment, the filing of a factually or legally baseless civil action or criminal complaint, or other interference with the person or property of an individual;

(b) discharge, demotion, denial of promotion, denial of benefits or other material adverse employment action;

(c) expulsion, blacklisting, denial of privileges or access, or other action adversely affecting the availability of goods, services, facilities, or advantages of a public accommodation;

(d) eviction, denial of services or privileges, or other action adversely affecting the availability of housing opportunities; and

(e) denial of credit, financing, insurance, educational, governmental or other services, benefits or opportunities.

(3) When a respondent or agent of a respondent has actual or constructive knowledge that proceedings are or have been pending with the department, with the commission or in court to enforce a provision of the act or code, significant adverse action taken by respondent or the agent of respondent against a charging party or complainant while the proceedings were pending or within six months following the final resolution of the proceedings will create a disputable presumption that the adverse action was in retaliation for protected activity.


History: 49-2-204, 49-3-106, MCA; IMP, 49-2-301, 49-3-209, MCA; NEW, 1996 MAR p. 2871, Eff. 10/25/96; AMD, 1998 MAR p. 3201, Eff. 12/4/98; AMD, 2017 MAR p. 91, Eff. 1/7/17.

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