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(1) The adjoining county grazing permit allows livestock to move for grazing purposes from the ranch of origin in Montana to a premises in an adjoining Montana county.

(2) The permit must be issued by a department employee, not a deputy stock inspector.

(a) The ranch of origin and destination premises must be owned or controlled by the livestock owner or the owner's agent. The owner or owner's agent must be authorized to grant department employees access to the destination premises to inspect any livestock that are present while the permit is in effect.

(b) Permits are valid for eight months after the issue date.

(c) Only one permit may be issued for an animal or group of animals in any 12-month period.

(d) For the purpose of obtaining an adjoining county grazing permit, livestock must be branded with a Montana brand recorded to the owner of the livestock.

(e) Requests for permits may be denied if previous permits have been suspended.

(f) A grazing association may impose conditions on such permits including a requirement that livestock be individually inspected prior to entering or leaving the common grazing area.

(3) Grazing permits may be suspended if the livestock owner:

(a) provides false information on the permit;

(b) transports animals not authorized to move on a grazing permit;

(c) allows animals to leave or be removed from the destination premises and not return to the ranch of origin; and

(d) violates state or federal livestock containment, livestock inspection, or animal health regulations.

(4) If the permit is expired or suspended, or if animals are not returning to the origin premises, animals must move in accordance with 81-3-211(1) through (6)(e) and (7), MCA.


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