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(1) Swine may enter the state of Montana provided they are transported or moved in conformity with ARM 32.3.201 through 32.3.211 and Title 9 CFR part 85 and are accompanied by an official health certificate of the state of origin issued by an accredited veterinarian attesting that:

(a) the swine have been inspected within thirty days of the date of shipment; and

(b) the swine are free from evidence of any infectious, contagious or communicable disease, or known exposure thereto; and

(c) each swine is identified by eartag, tattoo, or any permanent identification and such identification is recorded on the health certificate, if required, or permit application;

(d) the swine have not been fed raw garbage; and

(e) the swine originate from a state free of any USDA quarantine for any swine disease.

(2) With regards to brucellosis all breeding swine four months of age and over must:

(a) be from a validated brucellosis free swine herd or from a validated brucellosis free state, or

(b) enter by permit only after a negative result to a brucellosis test performed not more than 30 days prior to entry, as evidenced by an official brucellosis test result form.

(3) With regards to pseudorabies, all swine entering must meet the rules as set forth in Title 9 CFR part 85. No pseudorablies vaccinated swine will be permitted. The state veterinarian may impose a retest on swine originating from states with a stage four (surveillance) or less as classified in Title 9 CFR part 85.


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