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(1) Chainsaw operators shall carry a fully charged and operable fire extinguisher, minimum-capacity 8-ounce liquid or 1-pound dry chemical, with a 4BC or higher rating.

(2) Vehicles and equipment, mobile or stationary, with a combustion engine/motor used for commercial, ranching, or industrial activities must have one operable, dry-chemical fire extinguisher with a minimum 2-1/2 pound capacity and 4BC or higher rating.

(3) Chainsaw operators shall maintain one usable shovel at chainsaw-fueling sites.

(4) All persons igniting a campfire shall have one usable shovel and bucket. Persons igniting a barbecue need not have a shovel or bucket if the ashes are not removed from the container and the ashes or container are not placed on or near combustible material.

(5) All commercial, ranching, or industrial activities must have:

(a) One usable shovel or pulaski with each vehicle and equipment with an internal combustion engine/motor, mobile or stationary.

(b) One backpack pump with each vehicle and with any equipment, mobile or stationary, used off road, with an internal combustion engine/motor, that cannot be used to build fireline and is being operated on combustible material.

(6) Other types of firefighting tools that provide increased efficiency or effectiveness may be substituted by written authorization from the recognized fire-protection agency. For example, a "combi" firefighting tool may be substituted for a shovel or pulaski.

History: 76-13-109, MCA; IMP, 76-13-101, MCA; NEW, 1996 MAR p. 1502, Eff. 6/7/96.

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