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(1) Beginning in the year 2005 and every five years thereafter, the forest management bureau chief shall make a written report to the director of the department and the trust land management DIVISION administrator on the current status of state forest land management plan implementation and effectiveness, including a recommendation on the need for significant changes to the plan.


(2) Upon review, the department shall consider changing the plan for one or more of the following reasons:

(a) new legislation is adopted that is not compatible with the selected alternative;

(b) the state board of land commissioners provides new direction; or

(c) the forest management bureau chief judges that the original assumptions supporting the plan no longer apply.

(3) The department may make minor changes or additions to the plan without a programmatic review of the entire plan as long as those changes are compatible with the overall plan, as determined at the sole discretion of the department.

(a) Cumulative minor changes could result in a programmatic review of the SFLMP.

(4) Changes that result in a departure from the fundamental intent of the plan as determined by the department shall require an environmental review of affected portions of the plan.

(5) The department shall monitor individual RESOURCES pursuant to ARM 36.11.404 through 36.11.445.

(a) The department shall compile the results of monitoring into a report for the state board of land commissioners by October 2005 and every five years thereafter.

(b) The department shall include monitoring mechanisms for applicable elements of ARM 36.11.404 through 36.11.445 and project environmental analyses in forest management activity contracts.

(c) Contract administrators shall monitor compliance with all requirements specified in contracts for forest management activities.If contract requirements are not being met, the contractor shall correct them, under department supervision.

History: 77-1-202, 77-1-209, 77-5-201, 77-5-204, MCA; IMP, 77-5-116, 77-5-204, 77-5-206, 77-5-207, MCA; NEW, 2003 MAR p. 397, Eff. 3/14/03.

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