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(1) The application for a Class II injection permit must be filed with the board showing:

(a) the location of the input well or wells;

(b) the location and mechanical condition of all oil and gas wells, including abandoned and drilling wells, dry holes, and any other wells which penetrate the injection zone within the area of review;

(c) the location of all pipelines which will be used to transport fluids to the input well for storage and injection;

(d) the formations from which wells are producing or have produced, the formations, depth, and estimated water quality of the deepest potential underground sources of drinking water, and the location and depth of any water wells in the area of review;

(e) the name, description, and depth of the injection zone(s) including a water analysis or other water quality information acceptable to the board, estimated formation pressure, and reservoir characteristics of the zone, and the name, lithologic characteristics, depth, and estimated fracture gradient of the confining zone;

(f) the elevation of the top of the oil or gas bearing formation in the input well or wells and in the wells producing from the same formation within the area of review of the project;

(g) the electric log of the input well or wells or other log or lithological information not already on file with the board;

(h) a description of the input well or wells casing and cementing program (all new wells must be cased and cemented so that migration of fluids into or between USDWs is prevented);

(i) a description and analysis of the injected fluids stating the kind, source, and the estimated amount to be injected daily, and the average and maximum anticipated injection pressure;

(j) the names and addresses of the leasehold owners, including unleased mineral owners, and the surface owners within the area of review of the input well(s).

(2) One application may be made for multiple Class II injection wells in a geographic area if all wells within that geographic area have substantially the same mechanical and geologic characteristics and are operating in the same field, unit, or lease. Where appropriate, an application for underground injection of fluids on an area basis may include the information required in (1) of this rule for a typical Class II injection well in lieu of submitting such information on all Class II injection wells in the application provided such Class II injection wells have substantially the same characteristics.

(3) If injected fluids will be collected and retained in pits, ponds, or other open receptacles prior to injection, the applicant must submit an application on Form No. 23 for a permit to construct or operate a pit or pond when the application for water injection or disposal is filed with the board. All earthen reservoirs, pits, ponds, and open receptacles must comply with ARM 36.22.1207, 36.22.1226, and 36.22.1227.

History: 82-11-111, MCA; IMP, 82-11-111, 82-11-121, 82-11-123, 82-11-124, 82-11-127, 82-11-137, MCA; NEW, 1992 MAR p. 2171 and 1996 MAR p. 1308, Eff. 5/10/96; AMD, 2000 MAR p. 3542, Eff. 12/22/00.

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