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(1) The provider must provide light personal care, custodial care, and supervision for residents, including:

(a) A minimum of three regular, nutritious, and well-balanced meals must be served family style per day and a minimum of two snacks offered to residents per day.

(b) Not more than 15 hours can elapse between the evening and morning meal.

(c) All perishable foods must be stored at such temperatures as will protect against spoilage. Temperatures must not register over 41º F for refrigeration and 0º to 10º F in the freezer.

(d) Thermometers must be kept in freezer and refrigerator compartments.

(e) All foods, while being stored, prepared, or served must be protected against contamination and be kept safe for human consumption.

(f) Home canned foods must not be used for resident's meals.

(g) The provider must prepare meals which comply with the special dietary needs of the resident as prescribed by the resident's practitioner.

(2) If a resident requires assistance in bathing, the person assisting should be of the same sex whenever possible. If not possible, appropriate covering must be used to ensure the resident's privacy.

(3) A provider, staff member, or adult member of the AFCH must always be present when a resident is in the home. Only if stated in the resident's case plan or resident's agreement can a resident be left in the home alone. This time must be no longer than four hours in a 24-hour period.

(4) Residents must not be used as employees of the AFCH or be coerced into performing tasks such as housekeeping, laundering, and yard work for the provider or others.

(5) The provider will transport residents to medical, dental, mental health, and other appointments related to the resident's care plan, unless the resident, case manager, or guardian has arranged for other transportation.

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