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(1) Every home health agency shall submit an annual report to the department on a form provided by the department and no later than the deadline specified on the form. The report must be signed by the administrator of the agency and must include whichever of the following information is requested on the form:

(a) whether the agency has medicare certification, and if so, the term of such certification;

(b) the agency's reporting period, and whether the agency was in operation for a full 12 months at the end of the reporting period;

(c) a discussion of the organizational aspects of the project, including the following information:

(i) the type of organization or entity responsible for the day-to-day operation of the agency (e.g., state, county, city, federal, hospital district, church related, nonprofit corporation, individual, partnership, business corporation) ;

(ii) whether the home health agency is owned by the same organization that controls it. If not, the name and type of organization that owns the agency;

(iii) any changes in the ownership, board of directors or articles of incorporation of the agency during the past year;

(iv) the name of the current chairman of the board of directors of the agency;

(v) if the controlling organization has placed responsibility for the administration of the agency with another organization, the name and type of organization that manages the facility. A copy of the latest management agreement must be provided;

(vi) if the agency is operated as a part of a multi-facility system (e.g., medical center, chain of hospitals owned by a religious order, etc.) the name and address of the parent organization;

(d) a listing of specific services provided by the agency, and the number of people served and number of visits made for each service;

(e) a description of the geographic area served by the agency;

(f) the number of persons served by the agency and the number of new cases acquired by the agency during the reporting period;

(g) financial data, including:

(i) payroll and non-payroll expenses;

(ii) closing date of financial statement;

(iii) sources of operating revenue, indicating percentage received from medicare, medicaid, private pay, insurance, grants, contributions, other;

(h) staff information, including number of full, part-time and contracted registered and licensed professional nurses, home health aids, student nurses, and others;

(i) the name of the person to contact should the department have questions regarding the information on the report.

History: Sec. 2-4-201, 50-5-103 and 50-5-302, MCA; IMP, Sec. 50-5-106 and 50-5-302, MCA; NEW, 1984 MAR p. 27, Eff. 1/13/84; AMD, 1996 MAR p. 1975, Eff. 7/19/96; TRANS, from DHES, 2002 MAR p. 185.

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